Connecting to BioMOO via Telnet

Tobias Bundy (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 16:57:33 +0100 (MET)

Daer Mr Houldershaw,
everytime I tried to connect to the BioMOO Telnet-Server I was asked to
prompt a login-name and a password. I tried to use as well my own name as
the user-ID and the password I was supplied for the use within the
pps-course, but I failed. Even pseudo-names like "anonymous" or "guest"
did not grant me access.
I think that the Telnet-connection was made to the right server
( 8888).
Connecting to BioMOO via WWW I had the same problems as some fellow
student mentionned before. Entering my user-ID and password would not get
me into the BioMOO system. I just could log myself on as a "ghost".

Thanks in advance

Tobias Bundy

P.S.: Because of this technical glitch I was unable to attend the
introduction-meeting. Some Consultent mentionned there could be another
meeting for those student, still in enlisting. Please send me date and