BIOMOO telnet

Mariza dos Santos Castro (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 20:29:33 -0200

> Hi,

> I was able to connect to BIOMOO using a soft called CRT from
>, that I downloaded as a 30 day free software.
> I do not know all the strange computer words you are using but all I had to do was to click in the Options, then at Global preferences and fill the Telnet form like that:
> host name: port: 8888
> prompt: pps98s ( I did not know what to put here, so tried that code)
> command= go pps base ( I did not know what to put here also ).
> I closed the form, and I was log on BIOMOO.
> Is the prompt and the command right?
> After log on I tried to go ahead, but I got hold on the command:
> GUEST < your- name>< any-password>
> I tried to write my name <mariza> <the pps password> but did not work.
> What can I do to go ahead?
Do I have to write my name and the password inside the < > ?
> I will try to log on for tomorrow instructions at 23:00 GMT ( What is GMT?). The morning section It will not be possible.
> Sincerely,
> Mariza S.castro