Port 8888

Deirdre Crommie (DCrommie@genetics.com)
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 10:23:25 -0500

Hi Dave,
I have talked to my company's information services people at length
and it does not appear that they are going to allow me to gain access
to what they call a "non-standard" telnet address (i.e. Port 8888 for
BioMOO). They said that our telnet provider does not currently allow
this and to rearrange access may compromise the firewall. I was told
that if I could telnet to a university address first, I could then
telnet to the BioMoo Port. Since I don't have any university
accounts available to me, is it possible to first telnet to a
Birkbeck College site (would need a user name and login, I suppose)
and then from there telnet to Port 8888?