RE: Connecting to BioMOO via Telnet

Brookhart, Gary (
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 09:17:15 -0500


My experience is similar to that of Tobias. I too was only able to be
a attend the first BioMoo session as a ghost. This is the first time
that I have tried to use Telnet, so I'm not sure my context is good for
the address. When I try to designate port 8888, I get the message "bad
telnet destination host name." When I telnet to,
I am prompted for my ID and password but nothing happens after entering

Clare has suggested that netlag, perhaps contributed to by the
firewall, is causing delays that lead to a timeout before the
connection is established. She suggested that I try "traceroute". I
did this and got a response but don't really know what it means.

Do you have any other ideas? I think this is a common problem, since
there were a number of ghostly presences at the 23:00 BioMoo session.

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> From: Dave Houldershaw[]
> Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 1997 8:46 AM
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> Subject: Re: Connecting to BioMOO via Telnet
> Hi,
> Sorry for the late reply, are you sure you connected on the right
> port ? when you connect you get a large 'banner' saying BioMOO and a
> list of commands. If you are on the wrong port then you will get
> prompted for a user id and password.
> Cheers,
> Dave H.
> Tobias Bundy wrote:
> > Daer Mr Houldershaw,
> everytime I tried to connect to the BioMOO Telnet-Server I was asked
> to prompt a login-name and a password. I tried to use as well my own
> name as the user-ID and the password I was supplied for the use within
> the pps-course, but I failed. Even pseudo-names like "anonymous" or
> "guest" did not grant me access. I think that the Telnet-connection
> was made to the right server ( 8888).
> Connecting to BioMOO via WWW I had the same problems as some fellow
> student mentionned before. Entering my user-ID and password would not
> get me into the BioMOO system. I just could log myself on as a
> "ghost".
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Yours
> > Tobias Bundy
> >
> > P.S.: Because of this technical glitch I was unable to attend the
> introduction-meeting. Some Consultent mentionned there could be
> another meeting for those student, still in enlisting. Please send me
> date and time.