pdb and kin files

Deirdre Crommie (DCrommie@genetics.com)
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 17:07:03 -0500

You were right, re: viewing pdb files on my Mac. I guess I was
viewing a CHIME file (I just had the molecular structure with no
title or text data). I removed the Chime "plug-ins" and and now when
I open the pdb file, I automatically get a bona-fide RasMol file
(containing CRAMBIN) with the RasMol command line. I also get a
"send-pdb" file on my desktop. Thus, adding: chemical/x-pdb for
"MIME Type" and pdb for "suffix" seems to work in the end, as long as
CHIME isn't on as well.
I loaded MAGE 4.2 and used chemical/x-kinemage for "MIME Type" and
kin for "suffix". This seems to work fine, in that I am able to get
MAGE to load in a Branden and Tooze kinemage file from the internet