pdb files

Deirdre Crommie (DCrommie@genetics.com)
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 16:33:31 -0500

Regarding loading chemical mime on the Mac: I put in "pdb files" for
description, "chemical/x-pdb" for MIME type and "pdb" for suffixes,
into the "edit type" screen (under "helpers" tab), as you suggested.
I had radio button choices for "navigators", "plug-ins",
"applications", "save to disk", and "unknown: prompt user". I chose
"applications" and then used the "browser" button to locate the
application RasMac on the hard drive. As soon as I opened RasMac
with the browser, "Chemscape Chime" appeared in the inactive
"plug-in" window (I have "applications" selected as active window).
As far as I can tell, I am not able to enter "-pdb %1" after the
application. To enter something into "applications" I have to use
the browser to find a hard drive or desktop file, and I can only add
one application at a time. There is no line available to accept type
for "-pdb %1", unless I am missing something.
Beneath "application", there is a pull down menu for "file type" and
I am given four choices: "text", "RSML", "mMOL", or "ttro". To
start with I selected "text".
I then hit the "apply" button.
With all this completed, I am able to select the pdb hyperlink
supplied by you and get the pdb file to load automatically without
opening up RasMac ahead of time. Bravo! However, I still only see
the picture of the molecule without the RasMol command line.
Is this OK, in this case?
Changing the option on the "file type" menu from "text" to "RSML",
"mMOL", or "ttro" did not affect the pdb test file image, as far as I
could tell.
Which of the four should I have selected?
Is there something I will be missing in not being able to add "-pdb
%1" after RasMac?
Earlier you said that "-pdb %1" makes RasWin open the pdb file, but
is this just something particuar to the Win95 configuration?