Projects Biomoo held on the 1st July 1998

ClareS turns the ClareS_recorder on.

ClareS says "Hi everyone, welcome to the first of the BioMOO meetings to discuss the projects..."

ClareS says "We are very sorry for the delay in releasing the titles"

ClareS . o O ( but at least they're up now... )

ClareS says "I hope you have all seen the project titles list at"

NickyM says "so many to choose from and so little time"

ClareS says "does anyone have any specific questions at this stage?"

Patricia finds her way in.

ClareS [to NickyM] it's possible that we might extend the deadline for project choice - I'll ask David Moss

ClareS [to Patricia] Hi

BMD says "Yes...."

ClareS [to BMD] ... go on?

NickyM says "Hi"

BMD says "Is there one specific tutor for each title..."

Patricia [to all,] Hi

BMD says "or is the tutor system the same as for our test?"

ClareS [to BMD] not really

ClareS says "a few of the projects may have external advisors (consultants) appointed"

Patricia [to Clare,] Could you 'catch me up' on the project info?

NickyM says "could you give us some guidelines on format, length etc. or is it on the site somewhere"

ClareS says "most of the time if you have a scientific problem with your project it would be best to address it to the general discussion list"

ClareS says "one of the tutors at Birkbeck would be most likely to answer"

JudyH says "Can we see some examples of previous student's projects soon?"

ClareS [to Patricia] you haven't missed much we started late (my fault

Patricia [to Clare,] I got 'here' late, my fault. Is there a list of projects?

ClareS says "there are some projects from last year up on the web already"

ClareS says "the URL is"

ClareS . o O ( no #, I just hit the key by mistake )

ClareS [to Patricia] do you mean the list of project titles?

ClareS [to Patricia] that's http

ClareS says "the projects up on the web aren't necessarily the *best* projects"

ClareS says "but they are examples of good projects which passed easily"

JudyH says "Thanks, clare"

Patricia [to ClareS,] OK. They're something like suggestions.

BMD [to ClareS] You mean to say that there are even better projects which are not on the web?

ClareS says "I'm not sure.. they are all the projects which passed, and which the students were happy for us to mount on our server"

ClareS [to Patricia] I'm not sure if you are aware that you are expected to choose one of the projects on the list - they are not just examples

ClareS [to Patricia] this is mostly to discourage people from just putting HTML codes round the introduction to their PhD thesis

ClareS [to Patricia] but if you would like to put a particular slant on a topic or alter it a bit that will almost certainly be acceptable - just email us first

BMD [to ClareS] How does the title selection process work?

Patricia [to ClareS,] Oh. We have to pick a topic from the list at the URL that you just told us about?

ClareS [to Patricia] that's right (there are over 50 to choose from)

ClareS [to BMD] you select your project from the list, then you email us your choice

ClareS [to BMD] it doesn't matter if two people choose the same project as long as they are not working in the same institution

BMD [to ClareS] I see.

ClareS . o O ( or possibly in the same city... )

Patricia [to ClareS,] I just noticed, at that URL, there are actually fewer than 50 topics. Are there a few more?

ClareS has just counted 56 (roughly ;)

BMD [to ClareS] How many marks does the project carry?

Patricia [to ClareS,] I must not be at the right page.

ClareS might possibly not be counting straight ;)

ClareS [to BMD] it's not as "formal" as all that

BMD [to ClareS] Would you explain?

NickyM says "regarding topics,I notice some are very specific and some are more general ie Collagen. In your experience are specific ones or general ones easier."

ClareS [to BMD] both the project and the exam are actually marked out of 100, but only awarded as Pass and Fail

ClareS [to BMD] we have not given distinctions in previous years, but I can't see why we shouldn't ;)

ClareS [to BMD] you have to pass (at least ;) both sections to be awarded the advanced certificate

Patricia [to ClareS,] Would the preferred emphasis be on basic, established understanding of the topic

BMD [to ClareS] That is more clear, thank you.

ClareS [to NickyM] it's entirely up to you - pick something that you are interested in!

ClareS says "many of the projects can be tackled in several different ways"

ClareS says "if you are not sure whether the emphasis that you would like to give is appropriate, send us an email to check"

Patricia [to ClareS,] OK

ClareS says "I guess whether you find specific or more general subjects easier will depend on your interests and possibly even on your personality ;0"

Claudia says ", Is there any length limitation?"

Claudia says "...or length minimum?"

ClareS [to claudia] there is no formal maximum or minimum

Claudia says "Thank you"

ClareS says "looking at the example projects from last year will give you a reasonable idea of the amount of detail we're after"

ClareS says "one important point which I must make: no-one is expecting you to instantly become a top-class Web programmer"

ClareS says "we don't expect you to use java, chime, javascript or even rasmol scripts "

Patricia {- )

ClareS says "(although if you know how to use these, we'd be very happy to see them in your projects"

NickyM says "Is it assessed on written content then or animated gif content, if I can put it that way"

ClareS says "it is assessed on two things: your knowledge of the subject area and your use of (fairly simple, if necessary) web technologies to display / explain it well"

ClareS says "it is possible to gain an excellent mark without a single script or animation"

ClareS says "provided your explanations are very clear"

ClareS says "it is *not* possible to gain an excellent mark without using images or outside links"

Tomek says "I have problems with literature. Can I ask someone of You for help in getting some publications for a project""

ClareS [to tomek] yes, I am sure that would be OK

ClareS [to tomek] send me an email

Tomek says "Than You very much"

Patricia [to ClareS,] When should we send you an email with our suggestion for a topic?

ClareS [to all] questions asking for specific practical help like this - not expert advice from a leader in the field ;) - are best addressed to your tutor

ClareS says "specific scientific questions: mail the list and one of our consultants might pick it up"

ClareS [to Patricia] any time before the deadline ;)

BMD [to ClareS] Speaking of when must we make up our minds about the project title?

ClareS says "you should let us know your choice of project title by *Monday 10 August*"

ClareS . o O ( so there's actually still plenty of time )

NickyM says "and when do the final projects have to be submitted then?"

ClareS [to NickyM] 23 October

ClareS says "that's a month before the exam"

ClareS meant a month *after* the exam...

ClareS blushes (

NickyM says "Oh dearie me"

BMD [to ClareS] To whom shall we send our title choice?

Claudia says "Must all the figure be original or may we use also .pdb files and so on?"

(Pepi has disconnected.)

ClareS [to claudia] you can certainly use PDB files - in fact for most of the project titles it will be difficult to get away without using them

ClareS says "this also goes for all entries in other external databases (e.g. SwissProt)"

ClareS says "we will post the list with instructions for submission of project titles"

Claudia says "Thank you"

BMD [to ClareS] That's fine.

Patricia [to toClareS] This is going to be interesting to work on.

ClareS certainly hopes so ;)

Claudia says "I am a bit worried because there are 25612 medline articles dealing with steroid hormones receptor...for example"

ClareS understands the problem (

ClareS [to claudia] try starting off by limiting your search to recent review articles, rather than the base literature

Claudia says "I'll try..."

ClareS says "although you can certainly start searching the literature & preparing your project beforehand, you would do better to concentrate on the last sections of course material, and revision, before the exam..."

ClareS says "you should find that you have enough time for most of the actual writing in the month between the exam and the project deadline"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Pepi off to bed.

ClareS says "which reminds me.. there will be one more little self-assessment exercise this term: a Protein Identification Quiz!"

Claudia says "Where will the exam take place?"

Claudia says "Claudia feels better: only 2558 reviews found on steroid hormone receptor...""

ClareS [to claudia] we will be setting up local exam centres within easy travelling distance

ClareS [to claudia] we will be in touch with you or your supervisor or manager to find a suitable location

Claudia says "Will be one of your referrement people be present?"

ClareS [to claudia] no - there aren't enough of us (especially as the exam will take place on the same day for everyone)

ClareS wouldn't mind going to italy to supervise an exam ;)

BMD [to ClareS] I'm afraid I have to leave...thank you for a very informative session. Bye...

(BMD has disconnected.)

ClareS will have to leave soon too - this has been a very lively discussion ;)

ClareS says "does anyone have a final question or two?"

Patricia [to ClareS,] Just thanks. Good to get some details about the project requirements.

ClareS looks round expectantly...

JudyH says "Yes, thanks Clare, I am looking forward to doing the project, but a bit nervously!"

Claudia says "We are knocked out (or melted down: standard Italian temperature: 34 degrees Centigrades...)"

The housekeeper arrives to cart BMD off to bed.

Claudia says "Thank you for your time and help, ClareS. "

ClareS is glad to have been able to help...

ClareS . o O ( it's not much above 20C in London )

ClareS says "all, thanks for your contributions to this lively discussion"

ClareS turns the ClareS_recorder off.