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PPS 98 Project Titles

The Purturbation of Sidechain pKa in Protein Structures Liz Williams
The pI Distribution of Globular Proteins
Common Protein Cofactors Magdalena Kolodziejska
The Structure of Proteins in Non-Polar Solvents
Neutron Diffraction and Protein Structure Determination Patrik Dahlke
Classification of Protein Structure in Genomes
Chirality in Protein Structure
The Mechanism of the Enzyme RUBISCO
The Hsp 70 Chaperone System Pawel Mak
Honorata Czapinska
Julie Johnston
Protein changes in the aging process Kasia Lechward
Substrate Interactions of Lipases and Phospholipases
Enzyme Membrane Interactions
How Far has Structure Based Drug Design Proved Successful in Practice Merlin Goldman
The Rossman Fold
An Evaluation of a Modern Force Field used to Model Proteins
Convergent Evolution of Protein Structures Bernard DeBono
Disulphides in Protein Stability
Why Proline is Special Eric Billy
The Greek Key
Why Glycine is Special
Beta Barrels
Buried Hydrogen-Bonds
Types of Graphical Representation of Protein Structures Ewa Politowska
Variations on the Ramachandran Plot
The Protein Fold Recognition Problem
The Hydrophobic Effect
Beta Bulges
Why Randon Coil is not Random
Helical Bundles Kathy Mitchell
Electrostatics in Proteins Malgorzata Groth
The Helix Macro-Dipole
Water In and Around Proteins
Symmetry in Protein Association
Viral Proteins-RNA Interactions Dominika Wieczorek
The Beta-Propeller Peter Stoilov
Protein Misfolding and Disease Judy Hardy
Structures of Protein Phosphatases Edyta Wozniak
Malcolm Duckworth
Patricia Pearl
Svetlana Mikhalap
Dara Dunican
Applications of CD Spectroscopy to Protein Structure Research Michael Okoh
The Importance of the Tertiary Structures of RNA Mikolaj Olejniczak
Mosaic Proteins Manuel Ruiz
The Structures and Energetics of Protein-Protein Interfaces
Chemical and Free Radical Damage in Proteins
The Components of Bacterial Cell Walls Mariza dos Santos Castro
Protein Degradation Pathways Tobias Bundy
The Amino Acid Aib (amino isobutyric acid)
Glycophorin - Structure and Function
Hydrophobicity Scales - Correlation and Differences between them
NMR and X-ray Structures of Integral Membrane Proteins Tomek Cierpicki
Henrik Nielsen
Calcium Channels
Steroid Hormone Receptors Claudia Scotti
Nicky Mordan
The Regulatory Role of Extracellualr Calcium
Sturcture and Function of Non-Globin Heam-Binding Proteins Al Jesaitis
Enzymes Containing Catalytic Zn2+ Ions Jolanta Grembecka